FIGENER is a company that differentiates itself by having the flexibility to carry out the most diverse engineering works, from the conceptual aspects of the project to the start-up of the facilities, for the most diverse areas and sectors of society. It is totally free of suppliers or technologies. Thus, the studies are not focused on selling equipment or systems.

It is also a pioneer in the development of engineering software in Brazil. Among the projects developed, FNESS stands out. Below is the list of software developed and represented exclusively by Figener in Brazil:

  • FNESS - Network Fluid Flow Software. - Download the DEMO
  • STEAM TABLE - Thermodynamic Properties of Water. - Download
  • DIgSILENT StationWare - Protection Management System.
  • Primetech 3D - Intelligent Substation Design.
  • DIgSILENT PowerFactory - Calculation of Power Systems.
  • DigSILENT PowerFactory Monitor.

Among the activities carried out in this section, the following stand out:

  • Use of a set of simulation software to identify causes and solve problems.
  • Development of load loss software in complex networks (FNESS).
  • Development of thermodynamic calculations software.
  • Development of transitory software in steam and gas networks.
  • Representation of engineering software.

You can access the page of the software mentioned above through this link .