FIGENER is a company that differentiates itself by having the flexibility to carry out the most diverse engineering works, from the conceptual aspects of the project to the start-up of the facilities, for the most diverse areas and sectors of society. It is totally free of suppliers or technologies. Thus, the studies are not focused on selling equipment or systems.

The calculations are performed with a global view of the process, not just checking the impact of a certain equipment. For this, Figener has specialists who perform BMEs (mass and energy balances) customized for each system and with appropriate tools to assist the calculations (PowerFNESS, FNESS and various spreadsheets).


Diagnostics and Technical Reports

With the experience acquired over the years, combined with the competence of its professionals, FIGENER can perform the most diverse diganostics of existing installations.

Diagnostics are necessary when they arise:

  • Drop / production bottleneck;
  • Need to increase the security of systems, aiming to reduce costs with Insurance Companies;
  • Operational problems.

Some examples of systems that we can evaluate:

  • Combustion Systems (Operation and Control and Protection);
  • Calcition / Drying Processes;
  • Steam Systems;
  • Complex Cooling Water Networks;
  • Condensate Network;
  • Electrical Systems.

External Measurements

Since its creation, FIGENER has performed autonomous industrial measurement services with highly qualified technical personnel in the areas of energy, process and electrical.

With Field Measurements, FIGENER is able to quickly and conclusively identify customers operational deficiencies, locating potential savings and optimizing processes / energy efficiency.

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Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction Studies

With a completely independent team of suppliers, Figener can carry out energy efficiency studies in several industrial and energy sectors.

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Preliminary Conceptual Studies

One of the most important stages of a Project, PRELIMINARY STUDIES consist of technical-economic evaluations of new alternatives for an existing system or even in the analysis of a totally new project. It is at this stage that it is defined which alternative will pass to the Project Phase. The studies include:

  • Survey of Field Data / Measurements;
  • Diagnosis of the Current System;
  • Studies of Alternatives;
  • Technical-Economic Feasibility Analysis;
  • Business Risk Analysis.

They are performed for:

  • Installations of new UTEs / Cogenerations;
  • Comparison between technologies (ex: Turbines / Combined Cycle vs Motor Generators vs Rankine Cycle)
  • Expansion of existing Power Plants (Energy / Utilities);
  • Replacement of Technologies / Equipment such as:
    • Changing Fuels
    • Combustion Systems (Burners / Furnaces / GGQs)
    • Effluent Treatment Systems
    • Gas Treatment Systems.

Flow Analysis

Figener has extensive experience in analyzing the most diverse types of flows (fluid mechanics). He has already carried out numerous studies in large industrial complexes such as Braskem and Alunorte, participating in several studies / analyzes of new Green Field and Expansion projects.

Its differential is a highly qualified technical team capable of performing from measurements on lines to performing complex calculations aided by a self-developed calculation tool (FNESS, software already recognized among Engineering). Thus, associated with the experience of the various studies already carried out, FIGENER is able to make a much more accurate diagnosis of the problems raised.

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CFD Studies

FIGENER has a technical team capable of carrying out studies in mathematical modeling of fluid dynamics and heat flow (CFD).

Simulation calculations are performed with OpenFOAM, finite volume calculation software capable of iteratively solving several partial derivative equations such as Navier-Stokes, transport and Poisson equations, which have a large number of variables and need to calculate several parameters simultaneously.

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Thermal Cycle Calculations

PowerFNESS, software developed by FIGENER and used internally (without commercial use), allows the steam system to be studied to be modeled in a very fast and reliable way.

The Tool is used for calculations of:

  • Rankine cycle.
  • Steam Cogeneration Systems.
  • Steam / Condensate Systems.

The software has the main equipment to carry out a study:

  • Boilers.
  • Turbines.
  • Control Valves.
  • Desuperheaters.
  • Deaerators.
  • Pumps.
  • Singularities.
  • Miscellaneous Heat Exchangers.
  • Condensers.
  • Cooling Towers.
  • Exchangers.

Electrical Calculations for Power Systems

FIGENER has a highly qualified team to carry out Electrical Studies and Projects. Among the studies carried out, the following stand out:

  • Survey of Field Data.
  • Short circuit studies.
  • Protection and selectivity coordination studies.
  • Incident energy studies.
  • Load flow studies and contingency analysis.
  • Energy quality studies (harmonics, flicker, etc.).
  • Electromechanical stability and load shedding studies.
  • Engine start studies.
  • Integrated thermal stability studies.
  • Studies of electromagnetic transients.
  • Studies of electric and magnetic fields in substations.
  • Connection studies with the Basic Network.


  • Basic.
  • Electrical Executive.
  • Electromechanical Executives.

It is important to note that FIGENER uses the most modern 3D BIM tools for electromechanical substation projects.