About Us

The Company

FIGENER is a multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy company that provides specialized services in the areas of Energy, Processes and Environment, Utilities and Electric Power Systems.

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Technical Team

FIGENER is made up of a highly trained team with experience in various areas of engineering. Its technical staff has engineers trained in the best universities in Brazil.

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Organizational Identity

FIGENER acts independently of the interests of suppliers and assemblers, always maintaining in its work an ethical stance and technical rigor recognized by the market.

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Special Studies and Analysis

FIGENER is prepared to carry out consultancy services, engineering studies and projects for the most diverse areas and sectors.

Project Engineering

FIGENER presents a structure prepared to carry out activities from project implementation to complex analysis of engineering problems.

Softwares and Simulators

FIGENER has the flexibility to carry out engineering work from the conceptual aspects of the project to the development of softwares.

Have an ambitious project?

FIGENER is a multidisciplinary engineering and consulting company that has always accepted new challenges, acting in a safe and responsible manner, following the best engineering practices.

Softwares: FNESS | Power Factory | Primtech

Over time, FIGENER was a pioneer in some topcis in Brazilian engineering, such as the development of software for complex calculations in permanent and transient regimes in hydraulic networks, thermal cycles, thermoelectric transients and two-phase flows. In addition, he is the exclusive representative of the German companies DIgSILENT Systems GmbH and Entegra GmbH.

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