Flow Network Evaluator for the Steady State.

FIGENER developed a sophisticated software for head loss calculations in complex pipeline networks. FNESS is a software for fluid flow calculations in steady state conditions, based on the Finite-Element Method.

FNESS has a friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that allows network input, editing and output viewing. Line and node numbering is automatic, generated internally by the software. There is no need for previous preparation or treatment of the network to be analyzed. Problem analysis can therefore be carried out naturally by sequentially inputing nodes (network ends, junctions and derivations) and their interconnecting lines. The lines can be built directly from their primary elements, such as straight pipes, bends, elbows, reductions, valves, etc.

Head loss calculations in the network elements can be performed both by the Darcy and the Hazen-Williams equation, selected by the user. As an option, temperature distribution throughout the network can also be calculated, based on the heat loss through the pipe walls.

FNESS features several algorithms to verify the consistency of the input data before executing the head loss calculation, prompting the user to correct the model whenever necessary.

Calculation results can be displayed directly over the network diagram, indicating pressures and temperatures at nodes, flowrates at lines and the direction of flow. FNESS also generates many types of reports that can be adjusted by the user.

The free FNESS demo version is already suitable for most of the network calculation problems faced by the engineer on a regular basis. With the demo one can model a pumping of draft system of few elements.

Use FNESS to advertise your products!

FIGENER can program an advertisement message of your products within FNESS. In addition to this, if you are a pump or valve manufacturer/supplier you can insert a data file in FNESS that enables the automatic selection of your products by your clients and customers. It is an exceptional media for your company's image.

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