FIGENER develops studies for Petrobras UTE Cubatão

UTE Cubatão (Cubatão Thermal Power Plant) will be a Petrobras cogeneration plant comprised of two turbogenerators, one gas turbine and one steam turbine, rated for a maximum gross output of 216 MW and able to supply up to 450 t/h steam for Oil Refinery Presidente Bernardes at Cubatão (RPBC). 

The plant will generate enough electric energy to supply RPBC and the internal consumers, with a surplus that will be dispatched to the Interconnected System (SIN) through a 295 MVA switchgear and two 230 kV transmission lines interconnected to CTEEP (Companhia de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica Paulista – São Paulo Electrical Transmission Company). 

FIGENER is developing the following studies: 

ƒÜ Complete study of coordination of the protection of medium and high voltage systems, aiming at assuring the fitness and selectivity of the protections of the switchgear, 230 kV transmission lines, step-up transformers, auxiliary transformers and generators. 

ƒÜ Electrical Stability study, aiming at suggesting actions for system stabilization after severe disturbances either to the electrical or the thermal systems. The study is based on an integrated and complete modeling of the steam and electrical systems, including boilers, turbines, pressure reducing and pressure relief stations, generators, substation and electrical network equivalent nearby the UTE Cubatão. 

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